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   Path of Exile's new temporary challenge league called Bestiary [22/01/19 05:48AM]   
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Path of Exile is a Diablo-like free-to-play game which relies purely on cosmetic microtransactions to sustain development. Today, Grinding Gear Games announced that a new content update, called Bestiary, will hit PC on March 2, 2018. An Xbox One release will follow roughly a week later.

The update seems to add a lot of complexity to an already rich and diverse game. As an avid Diablo 3 player, I am interested in picking this game up and trying it for the first time.  Interested in checking out what the new update has to offer?

Called Bestiary, this new temporary challenge league is probably one of the most robust leagues I've ever seen. Unlike the current Abyss league, which largely involves randomly stumbling upon demonic fissures and then killing everything that pops out, Bestiary is about capturing monsters and making them fight to create powerful crafting recipes. Buy POE Trade from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

The heart of this new league is the Menagerie, your very own monster zoo. Early on, you’ll meet Einhar, a new NPC who will give you the keys to this place and a copy of the Bestiary, an automatically updated checklist of 250 types of animal and 40 Legendary Beasts scattered around Wraeclast. By weakening the head of a pack of animals, you make it vulnerable to being captured, Pokemon-style. If successful, it’s picked up by Einhar, who drags it off through a portal to your monster-zoo. Legendary Beasts are new boss-class fights and require significantly more effort to capture, of course, but will be required for the next part of the equation.

One of the most appealing things about Path of Exile is the deep customization options it gives players to outfit their characters. The Bestiary update comes with a brand new crafting system build entirely around capturing specific monsters in order to use them in recipes for new items, or to augment existing ones. Once you’ve captured the monsters necessary for your recipe you won't just click a button and create an item, you’ll have to battle the monsters inside an arena located in your hideout. If you fail, you lose the monsters used in the recipe. But if you succeed, you’ll be able to augment a property of an already existing item, or craft one of the new powerful pieces of gear. Once you win the fight, the monsters you’ve collected and fought will be gone, so if you want to craft that recipe again, you’ll have to go out and recapture those monsters.

Path of Exile’s 3.2.0 update, Bestiary, goes live on PC this afternoon with Xbox One to follow eventually; patching got underway a few hours ago. As we’ve previously covered in our detailed interview with GGG, the update includes the gotta-catch-’em-all critter capturing content, new endgame bosses, new gear sets, a new Act 10 quest and the complete ascendancy class revamp.




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