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   Far Cry New Dawn Practically Mechanizes Its Indifference [22/02/19 02:09AM]   
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Past Far Cry games repeatedly flirted with these kinds of moral gray areas, but none have been especially diligent about unpacking the intangible space between right and wrong. Far Cry New Dawn practically mechanizes its indifference. It doesn't really afford the chance to solve or make problems. It's only really interested in being a playground for carnage. And as far as violent playgrounds go, New Dawn's excels, embodying the maniacal freedom of Grand Theft Auto in an anarchic, Fallout-esque setting with the vibrancy cranked to 11. Its extensive array of weapons, vehicles, and explosives facilitates mowing down enemies and retaking outposts in any number of combinations.

Far Cry New Dawn is here with little fanfare. After the extremely disappointing ending of Far Cry 5, I thought I would be done with my love for Far Cry games. Sure, Far Cry 5 made co-op amazing by fixing a lot of the issues it had since Far Cry 4, and Hope County, Montana was a nice departure from the normally exotic locales, but Far Cry 5 dropped a narrative bomb that I thought would scar the series forever going forward. Instead, it managed to open up some interesting narrative elements.

Far Cry 5 opened the game to new horizons by adding in full co-op campaign. It ended up being a solid game despite suffering from some flaws with the pacing of the story mode. The gameplay and freedom to do anything in the open world more than made up for it, even if the sidequests and mundane repetitive tasks felt like a slog. The story of Far Cry 5 though ended with a major disappointment since it was a cliffhanger than basically rendered everything you did in the game useless. Just in under one year, we are now playing Far Cry New Dawn, which is a sequel to Far Cry 5 but features a new protagonist, characters, and changes to the gameplay. Buy Far Cry New Dawn Credits from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

While Far Cry 5 was more of a cinematic driven story experience, New Dawn turns down the cinematic focus in favor of a more hands-on approach. In Far Cry 5, you had to sit through lengthy villain monologues and sometimes cutscenes ended up being far too long with limited interactivity. New Dawn is different and has reduced these cutscenes thus making gameplay the priority.

Seventeen years after the events depicted in Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed's doomsday cult or, at least, what remains of it and the other survivors of the nuclear holocaust attempt to rebuild the fictional Hope Country, Montana, but their best efforts are threatened at almost every turn by the Highwaymen, a band of roving scavengers with nationwide reach. This is the narrative backdrop of Far Cry New Dawn, which has even less to say about religious cults, belief systems, and American politics than its predecessor. Just about the only thing the game is successful at is confirming that franchise fatigue is real. While all that mayhem is fun in the moment, it doesn't exactly leave me feeling much of anything when I step away from the game.




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