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   The Division 2 is a well-made game [23/03/19 02:47AM]   
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The Division 2 is one of these games in the newish genre of online looty-shootys. That is what I shall call them. Its basically an MMO but transposed into the context of an FPS. Think of Anthem, Destiny and the like, and you’ll be on the right track. There is a plot, but it is fairly barebones, and most of the time you are grinding for levels and loot to upgrade your gear score. There are also multiple ways to engage with other human players, either in a squad with them or against them. The combat, which is real-time shooting, is heavily stat based. If any of that disappoints you, this might be an immediate point at which to stop reading, because The Division 2 is very much your typical looty-shooty.

The game map is perpetually peppered with main missions, side missions, and support activities to engage in, and unlike the first game, the tasks almost always feel worthwhile and substantive. While you will be carrying out some similar tasks multiple times over, the depth of the gameplay helps to avoid any sense of repetitiveness that might sink in over time. You'll certainly start to notice that you're hijacking enemy radio broadcasts and thwarting public executions quite regularly, but the different environments and enemy types help break up the cycle and stop tasks feel like chores.

Performing rogue actions like hacking into the SHD network or breaking into a supply cache will make you more of a target for other players, but also give you greater access to contaminated gear. This is the sort of equipment that has to be taking to a helicopter meeting point and airlifted out of the dark zone before it can get used. Of course, bringing in the chopper will alert everyone in the area that there’s a walking loot pinata in the area. For a solo player, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding a fancy new gun and getting taken out by a group of rogue agents just as you’re about to get it extracted. However, despite the constant fear of being double-crossed, the dark zone remains one of my favorite experiences that’s unique to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Come to now, you can buy TD2 Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

Moving from your safehouse to the open world and your next mission area is almost entirely seamless. It's something that was also true of the original Division, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the simple act of going from place to place in The Division 2 is one of the game's more rewarding aspects. One road may lead to a skirmish with a rival patrol or an optional activity, another might simply give you another stirring scene of urban decay in the morning sun. An obscured shortcut through an apartment block might turn up some useful items in an abandoned home, which you might decide to donate to the makeshift settlements where civilians have attempted to rebuild their lives.

At times combat is slow and methodical, but the tension can ramp up in the blink of an eye. One wrong move and everything shifts -- suddenly you're being flanked and there's another bloody enemy on the mounted gun. The Division 2 teaches you to think tactically, and approach each situation with efficiency in mind. You pull a plan off correctly and you feel like a hero. The game's at its undeniable best when you and three other agents are matching the enemy move for move, blow for blow -- it's these intense and often unforgiving battles that elevate the entire experience.




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